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Renweb Gradebook and Report Card Guides from the Diocese (download as pdf) 

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FAQ Responses

Why can't I see my classes?  * When you first access your grade books at the start of a year, you have to select "TERM" instead of date to see your classes *

Why can't I see my students? * You have to add an assignment before you can see students in a gradebook *

Why can't I add an assignment?  *You have to make a category before you can add an assignment. Next year, categories and other options will automatically be assigned *

Why can't I see or add standards?  * You have to chose the standards grading options in 'options' before they show.  I will make that the default setting next year *

Who is responsible for adding student accommodation and modification comments on the report card?  * Some schools have the teacher enter it.  Others have the student services rep enter it.  Others have me enter it.  I have seen a trend of only adding the comment about accommodations or modifications in the T1 comments.  Check with your school admin.  *

Am I expected to teach and grade all standards in every trimester?   * No.  You can only grade what you teach.  You must teach, assess, and show marks for each standard for at least one trimester per school year.  You may assess a standard 1, 2, or 3 times a year, depending on when you taught and assessed it * 

Do I grade a standard by trimester?  * Yes!  You are grading how well they worked towards that standard within the trimester.  Be careful, if you taught a little about using context clues and gave a P for T1, but never return to that standard in later trimesters to teach higher level examples of context clues, you will have to leave it blank for T2 and T3.  That gives a false impression that those students mastered the standard.  It is OK to go from P to DP from T1 to T2, just explain to parents that they mastered the first phase of that standard, but did not show competence of the higher level application.  This is where extensive standards based planning by year and trimester are worth the effort.  The other option is to wait until you teach the majority of the standard and only apply a standard grade that trimester.  Or hold off until your final trimester of teaching that standard and apply the grades there.  Or just give a DP and wait until the whole standard has been taught before bumping them up to a P *

Can I make my own comments on report cards?  * No. Use the Diocese premade key list *

Can I modify comments in the key list?  * No *

Where do comments and skill points go?  * For PK, in Homeroom * For K-2, in Learner Behaviors * For 3-8, a space is available for each class * For specials, in each class *

Report Card Skill Points

1 =  Student always shows this quality / behavior.

2 = Student sometimes shows this quality / behavior.

3 = Student seldom shows this quality / behavior.

Official Standards Score Ranges

PK3 - PK4:     

P: 84.5 - 100       

DP: 74.5 - 84.4         

EP: 59.5 - 74.4       

IP: 0 - 59.4

K - 2nd Grade:

P: 84.5 - 100

DP: 74.5 - 84.4

EP: 59.5 - 74.4

IP: 0 - 59.4 

3rd Grade - 5th Grade:

P: 84.5 - 100

DP: 70 - 84.4 

 IP: 0 - 69.9 

Official Grade Score Ranges for 3-8

A: 89.5 - 100           B: 79.5 - 89.4          C: 69.5 - 79.4           D: 59.5 - 69.4          F:  0 - 59.4 

D and above are passing.

Video Support for Renweb

Renweb Gradebooks and Report Cards

  • For PK and K-2

* To clarify:

Some PK-2 teachers add a single assignment called ForStandards and apply all standards to it.  Then, in Report Card, manually enter standards grades that relate to the P, DP, EP, or IP (see the PDFs above).  These standards grades are based on hand-recorded grades throughout the semester.  Those grades should be turned in to the office, as they are not recorded on Renweb.

Other teachers choose to add individual graded assignments and apply different standards to each.  As long as the grades are calc/display, they just need to wait overnight for the standards grades to fill.

Last, some teachers enter grades on Renweb without the calc/display.  But they still want the assignment grades to determine the standards grades.  These grades will process overnight and fill standards, but just in that assignment.  To push them to the Standards Mastery area:

1)  Wait overnight from the last assignment graded

2)  Check calc/display on all assignments in the gradebook (assignments will change to black)

3)  Click "Recalculate" while in Standards Mastery view

4)  If desired, go back and uncheck calc/display to hide them again (change back to red)

That way you do not have to wait overnight with grades shown.

Get with your Renweb admin to see what they expect for PK or K-2 grade policy.

On a final note, PK3 report cards are optional.  Check with your Renweb admin.

  • For 3-5

* 3-5 can comment on each class.  The comments will appear on the report card.  Learner behavior is for behavioral comments.  Academic comments are by class *

* For 3-8 *  If a school allows teachers to have their own grading calculation, it is necessary to share your specific calculation method with your class (parents and students).  One option is to make a class syllabus that the grade calculation formula is a part of and post it on your Renweb class page.

If your entire grade section (3-5 or 6-8) uses a common grade book calculation, be sure to share that with parents, too.

For simplicity, it is recommended for grade sections to use a common grading calculation, categories, and codes.  *

* The Diocese is setting up a mandatory calculation method and categories for the 2020-2021 SY *

  • For 6-8

  • For Administration

Renweb Group Enrollment: Students in Class Groups
  • For Administration