Renweb LMS

Renweb LMS

Renweb LMS is similar to Google Classroom. It is a place where assignments are created, posted, and possibly graded. When an assignment is made, you have the option of adding it to the gradebook as a graded assignment. This way a big complaint in Google Classroom, that teaches had to make and grade the assignment there, then enter it again the Rebweb gradebook. While Renweb LMS resolves that issue, it may not flow as easy with Google drive files. Google drive files can be attached to assignments in LMS, but they will not automatically save to a class forder in drive for every student like they do in Google Classroom.

*** As of Friday, March 6, I was told Renweb LMS is a option for distance learning, not a requirement. For specifics in your school, speak with your principal.

*** For students: Students get to Renweb LMS via, not from Parents Web!!! They will use the same user name and PW, but they will need that special link.

Renweb LMS Student Beginners Guide:

The Diocese Training Video for Renweb LMS.  I am not sure how to get to the video.  I found the 2nd link under "Articles."

Renweb LMS: How to Open LMS

Renweb LMS: How Students Open LMS

Basic Class Settings

How to Add a Unit, Topic, and Assignment

Different Assignment Types: Assignment

The main assignment type is called assignment.  You write a title, which optionally can become an assignment in the gradebook.  You add a due date, choose if it will be available to students, and write a short description if needed.

The assignment itself may be in the description.  All instructions may be there.  

Alternatives to that would be attaching a document of some kind, and having all the instructions and links in the document.  A PDF is the most universal, easily opened doc.  Also, the content cannot be changed or typed into without special software.

However, if you want students to type directly into the document (answer questions) and return it to you, Google Docs or some kind of text editor may be preferred.

Assignments are sent to all students, but turned back in to you one student at a time.  This is different from a discussion.

Different Assignment Types: Discussion

Discussions are a lot like assignments, but students can type directly in the class feed to share ideas.  They can still add attachments, but the teacher can choose to allow all students to see and respond to each other.  Be clear about your expectations and grading of discussion posts. For some students, they may feel like this is social media and apply norms they learned there if none are given. 

Different Assignment Types: Announcements

These are fairly straight forward.  You can share information with students.  However, announcements will not have an option to convert to a gradebook assignment.  Because they are announcements, not assignments.

Why would you post to a specific class announcement instead of the main wall?  If the announcement only has information related to that class.

Different Assignment Types: Quizzes

Renweb LMS quizzes ... more to come.