PC Check

HNJ PC Check.  Should work with other schools, too.

Video and written guides are below.

HNJ:  Fill out this sheet when done:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pp7pX7XMa5Gn2BRTO--PjK5ZT1X3RIaX4k8I41WDt-g/edit?usp=sharing

1) Physical Cleaning

  • Vacuum the vents and keyboard if possible
  • Clean the outside with whatever you like
  • Clean the screen and keyboard with a lightly damp towel
  • Trace over the PC number if it is no longer visible
  • Ask for a new if lost contact info tag if your white tag on the bottom isn't clear

2) Gathering Information

  • Type "about" in the search bar and select "about your PC"
  • Note the name of the PC and the version of Windows. Record it.
  • Type "notifications" and select the first option. Make sure this is what you want. You cannot have emails popping up on the screen. Students will see these on the touch TV. I prefer no notifications.
  • Open file explorer to find storage info under This PC > Local Disk (C:). Record the available space.
  • Go to virus and threat protection to run a scan
  • Type update to see what is needed. Run all updates. Sometimes this takes a few tries or restarts of the computer.
  • Type control panel and go to programs and features. Compare your programs to mine. Let me know if anything seems out of place.
  • In Google, click the snowman, then more tools > extensions. Compare your extensions to mine. Disable any that are suspicious.
  • More tools > Clear browsing data can be used if you have annoying Google popups or the internet (Chrome) just doesn't seem to work right on your PC. If you choose "from the beginning of time" you will get the cleanest wipe, but all your passwords will be gone. Write them down first from settings > passwords.