Classroom Technology Management

Let's take a look at some best practices in classroom technology management.

1)  Engagement

Yup, it's the same number 1 as regular classroom management.  Whether the materials in the lesson are strictly online or if textbooks, books, and other content are used, make sure it is an appropriate ability level, meaningful, and engaging.  Start with some kind of hook to get kids interested.

2)   Expectations

A top requirement in any lesson, tech or not.  Students need to know what the expectations are of their behavior, limits to their use of technology and other lesson materials, and the academic bar they are going to have to jump. 

3)  Examples

This is for both the teacher and students.  One of the biggest reasons for failure I have seen with hands on and tech lessons if that the teacher had enough time to plan out and think about the first 10 minutes of the lesson and assumed everything thereafter would fall in line.  I offer no cure for finding the time to prepare a lesson, but I will say it is better to do more with less.

For the teacher, fully understand the end goal of the assignment before teaching it.  If it is a creative, open form ending, have at least one concrete example to share and have in mind.

For students, the example for some can be an end goal.   For others, it shows what one person thought to do and spurs them to create their own ending that they believe better represents them or accomplishes the task more appropriately.

All the middle steps that are planned should be firm in your mind, too.

Sample Lesson 1