About Me

Mr Sterling has a history of consistent on-site tech support for private schools in Brevard County.  His education and certifications offer some insight to the amount of dedication and effort he has committed to school and small business technology.

If you are interested in regular, friendly, on-site tech support in Brevard County, fill out this inquisition.  Thank you. 


A true 4.00 GPA for all 70+ classes taken in 10 years.  Resulting in two Bachelors and a Master of Science.


Cisco, Comptia, and Microsoft certifications.  All valid as of this writing.  All certifications were passed on first attempt using self-knowledge.  No cram classes. 

I am currently waiting to take the Comptia Network+ exam (delayed due to COVID19).  That is a step back, but I want to make sure I cover all ground.  Future certification possibilities include Comptia CyberSecurity Analyst, Amazon, Google, or Microsoft cloud certifications, or Microsoft server or Office 365.   Certifications are expensive, expire after 3 years, and require hours of self-study.

About Me:

Born and raised in New York.  I graduated high school in 2001 with a Regents diploma before it was required.  After working and having fun for a few years, I moved to Florida for college.  After working through 10 years of college with no scholarships, I had 0 debt. I taught in South Florida, South Korea, Houston Texas, and Central Florida.